Scene: 14

"Do you tuck in your shirt because you enjoy the young casual business look?"

"Uh, no. A lot of my shirts just have cum stains on them from rough impromptu sex"

"Yea, like I said: casual business"

Scene: 714

After a Spiral Staircase: from the depths of the orchard beard, words leaked out in a terrifying mystic of sublimity; some calm of expressive supporting an assertion so aimless yet with massivity and ideological remnants in orbit:

"You don’t know what you’re doing until you do it.

You don’t know what it is until it is done.

You don’t know when it is done until it ends—-
And thats just another begining


Scene: 21

Forged from the abyss of boredom; lit cigarette.
Identity, a scope unrealized pulling by the action of:
Instantly being able.


Unfold chromatic
Unedited cinematic
Unhesitant automatic

Action Aesthetic Actor.

Pulse of Muse—
Instantly Being able
Instantly as a Being
Able as used
Fix a groove of uncertain

Digest. The infinite Mirror.

We used to eat Mass Media
Technological limitations
And opprotunities.

Family dinner framed
By the age of the wood
Holding food.

The speaker was a hire.
The story an expression
Of general social structure.

An expression of
Some Power’s desire.

The speaker
A player.

The story:

"Well, don’t just tell me——Show me"

Life is a venue, and into the abyss.

Scene: 113

The episode began after the conclusion of environmental contrast. All of a sudden, the silence was a busy texture of inaudible shapes incongruent and in——some called: a complex spiral outward.

Unappreciated as the powers of media turned their tentacles and manipulated the scope of potential.

Quiet, if you want peace.

They calmly said.

Scene: 604

"The tape’s speed becomes an interaction with the reader. No longer does the viewer seek points of focus, but a focused motion through points; through points of material. Processed intentional logics of movement——for the pleasure of observing form. Perhaps it’s evolution, or engagement through a seemingly new plane of principles and vocabulary."

"Assuming the viewer is still. So, if the viewer is in motion?"

"Let it better appear as a metaphor for existence. When the material and the senses are in a type of dance, let that be an expression of mankind at that moment. Watch the dance tell us something when we reach a position of retrospect"

Scene: 63

"But, The tape"

"I dont care"


Scene: 41

A text messege read, “grey”

Question of a powerplay

[A general commom coincidence.
Somewhat continuous.
Occasional sectional
Like sleeping to alleviate fear.
But quick
Turn horizon
Perspective shift

Sojourn capacity


I guess this is just a want.

spread stare
Of homogenous echo

Beyond that notion.

Not really a need.

Essentially. Spring.
Suns new shine on Earth.
Growth. Connection.

But always turns maybe. We’ll see. ]


"Either way, they’d be of their heritage and of their soil.
And either way, there was more ways either or on many things because potential is infinite.”

"Until you’re alone"


"Nervous and uncertain, trying to trust"

Scene: 32

After some lead broke in a mechanical pencil: 

[ “Why do You care?”

"Mostly because I want to."

"Why do You care?"

"Mostly because I want to."

"Why do You care?"

"Mostly because I want to."

"What do you want?"

"A connection, I think."    ]

The two began to arrange little marks. The two began to speak in subtle gesture. The two began to balance.

Regardless the weight time used to move in, (whatever fabric that was) there would consistently be an edge of approaching anxiety beneath the sensation: “to trust”.                 Nearing.

'What is it about being close?', a soft murmur in mind passed.

(As the image formed)

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Scene: 59

Down—a cigarette held focus; docile motion inward as voicemail played:

"I remember, I began to feel the tentacle. The itch slipping friction in attention. Slight, little magnet pully; tiny cement, shadow and ash depth contour. But open. And listening. In light. Chosen self-concious communication. Honest as a belief…"

[One of them motioned: Shoulder movement. Nod.] 

And they left through thick silence eloquently.  Didn’t matter really. Hypothetically, some what narcissistically—mild, but intentionally; somehow karmic coincidentally, it didn’t matter really. Once they’d left the room. 

It became about the other weight of presence observing.

Time passed. And nothing too noticeable came of it. 


Scene: 87

[Near A Horizon]:

P.M: “and I’ll call it: ‘How To Start From Nothing’”

A.M: “Like, looking around, listening and touching the environment around you?”

P.M:” You know, I can’t believe you’d use your assumption like that. This is profound”

A.M:”Oh, you’ll look fine; its just a haircut”